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Country Comforts came to be because of who I’ve been for so many years. Through my work, I’ve learned of an imperfect world. Through my art, I’ve learned to love and embrace imperfection. My two worlds combined make my life work.

When I started painting furniture decades ago, I strived for perfection. I’d work and rework a piece until I felt it achieved its highest mark; until it was perfect. All dings removed, all character and history hidden under wood fill and hours of sanding. Today, when I paint my furniture, I look at the natural wear of each piece and I embrace it. It’s the character, the history and the strength but, it’s also the warmth.

Each piece is hand painted, hand sanded, and hand waxed. My painting is blurred, blotted, thinned and imperfect; all intentional. I strive for the feeling of a generational piece with layers of paint, layers of love; a familial history passed down from grandma.

Inside Country Comforts Hand Painted, Distressed & Waxed Furniture

  • dressers
  • sideboards
  • tables, desks, beds, & more...

Upcycled Furniture Pieces

  • benches made from headboards
  • coffee tables made from trunks
  • chairs turned into benches & more...

Hand Painted, Distressed & Waxed Accessories

  • shelves
  • vintage metal boxes
  • mirrors, bird cages & more...

Hand Crafted Items

  • burlap lamp shades
  • burlap wreaths
  • lavender pouches & more...



Please enjoy my art of hand painted furniture. I believe it’s perfect--even with its imperfections.


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